Mooring Service

Most of our customers sign an annual mooring service agreement. Annual Service ensures that all parts of your mooring are in good working order and includes two complete mooring inspections and cleanings per year. We replace any parts that have worn out or that will wear out before the next inspection. Our annual service satisfies all of the requirements of the Marblehead Harbormaster.

To learn more about the parts of a mooring and how long parts can be expected to last, click here.

Our annual service includes:


  • Cleaning and inspection of buoy, top chain and top and middle connection shackles.
  • Complete haul up of mooring to inspect bottom chain and concrete block (when necessary)
  • Replacement of buoy/chains/shackles if necessary (materials not included in service fee)
  • Renumbering of buoy
  • Notification of yearly service to the Harbormaster's Office


  • Reattachment of mooring pennants (we ask that customers notify us of their launch date in the spring so that we can install pennants in time for their arrival)
  • Cleaning of Pennants and Buoys if necessary
  • Renumbering of buoys if necessary
  • Any re-positioning or relocating of the mooring if necessary


  • Cleaning and inspection of buoy, top chain and top and middle connection shackles.
  • Replacement of chains or shackles if absolutely necessary
  • Renumbering of buoy if necessary
  • Removal, washing and soaking of mooring pennants
  • Inside storage of pennants for the Winter

Customers will be notified during the winter months about recommended work for the upcoming season.

Please call with any questions or for pricing.

We also offer mooring rental programs. Renting a mooring is perfect for someone who changes boats frequently or prefers a set yearly price for labor and materials. Prices for rental packages are based on a number of factors. Call us for more information.