Mooring Pennants and Custom Splicing

Starting in 2013 all new mooring pennants will come standard with Suncor Stainless Steel Thimbles.

Our mooring pennants are assembled with a Polyester / Nylon braid from New England Ropes. This combination allows for the abrasion strength of polyester with the elasticity of nylon. All pennants include properly sized galvanized CH thimbles and a hardened steel oval ring. A flexible nylon chafe sleeve is standard to help prevent wear when contact is made with the boat. All of our pennants are assembled in house to ensure the highest quality. We even supply them to other mooring companies and boat manufacturers!


Custom lengths and configurations can be
ordered. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

We stock the following sizes:

1/2" Rope
Single 8'
Double 8'
5/8" Rope
Single 10'
Double 10'
Double 12'
3/4" Rope
Double 12'
Double 15'
1" Rope
Double 12'
Double 15'
Double 20'

Pennants for Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs)

Nylon Chafe Sleeves are used anywhere pennants contact the boat such as through bow chocks to prevent wear. .

Pennants are made from a Polyester / Nylon braid. The jacket is polyester where the core is nylon.

Pennants are generally attached to the cleats with loops, although some boats require the use of clips or dead ends.